Income Tax Preparation

Corporate and Partnership Returns - We prepare these as needed, including sub-chapter S corporations and LLC's.

Homeowner's Associations & Non-Profit Organization Returns - We prepare all required homeowner association returns. We work with both self-managed HOA's and those with outside management. We also prepare all required returns for non-profit associations such as fraternal lodges and PTA's.


Payroll & Business Taxes

We can calculate monthly payroll checks for you, or provide you training to calculate your own payroll checks. We then enter the data in our computer and provide you with payroll tax deposit information as needed, prepare quarterly payroll tax returns and year-end forms, such as W-2's.

1099 Reporting - We prepare annual 1099 forms from your data as needed.

Sales Tax - We prepare sales tax returns based on your data either monthly, quarterly, or annually as required.

571-L - Let us prepare the 571-L for you based on your fixed asset records.



We offer a range of bookkeeping services depending on your needs. We can work from your check stubs, bank statements, and other original records to produce simple "cash basis" financial statements, or we can enter payables and receivables to produce "accrual basis" statements on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

We are familiar with Quickbooks, the most popular software in this field. We will be happy to assist you with your bookkeeping if you are doing it yourself.


Audits & Reviews

Eric is qualified to perform both audits and reviews. He specializes in homeowner association reviews in particular.


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